Aerobatics !

Below you will see videos of some of my aerobatic sequences. I enjoy flying aerobatics and I also like to edit the video afterwards. The videos are mainly recorded for my own satisfaction. With them I can analyse my flight and see errors I might not have felt during the sequence. I find it to be a very valuable tool for practicing when no judge is available on ground :-)

Training Systems !

I spend quite some time bulding a training system for aerobatics. It consists of costum-built recording hardware, a POV.1 helmet camera and some software written by me. I got it working really well and I have two videos available presenting the solution. Please let me know what you think.

Instruction !

We do most teaching and instruction during a summer camp (FlyINverted) in July. The local regulation requrieres us only to allow students with 100hours or more. It's a fun time and I am always looking forward to that camp :-)